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N°144 - Poster : Identification of the nesting sites of a population of European pond turtle (Emys orbicularis) in Corsica.

Auteur : BOSC V., LEVADOUX D. - Publié en 2005 - Editeur : AAPNRC

Mots clés : cistude d'Europe, ponte

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In Corsica this species is generally found on the flat coast (0-100 m) and rarely in the rivers of the mountainous countryside. Since 2002 the association for the protection of natural areas of Corsica ( L'Association des Amis du Parc Naturel de Corse) has been studying a population of this species.
The study was led in the south of Corsica in the former river mouth of the Rizzanese, an area of high environmental value, making part of the net Natura 2000, (N° Psic FR. 9400594).
The method of capture marking recapture has been used to study the population of turtles.
Up to now 214 turtles could be captured and identified, but one can considere that about 600 individuals live in the area.
In 2004 the study group tried for the first time a new method, radiotracking, in order to find the nesting places of this population.
13 turtles were fitted with transmittors and after two months of survey, 11 nests could be identified.
It turned out that females leave the water during more than 4 hours in the late evening to lay their eggs. On the land they search for a convient place to burrow their eggs in the ground and once this is done they return to the water. With this study could be found out that the nests are, at the most, at 50 metres away from the river bank.
Today, thanks to these results, the study group is able to plan long term conservation measures adapted to this population of Emys Orbicularis.